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Welcome dear members to the Hotlive website: To have a solid foundation and civilized-healthy entertainment playground, the best environment to connect, exchange, and chat, looking forward to receiving your support. Support and trust of members who have won love for the site. Hotlive will try to improve and develop more, to meet the needs of all members.


Applies to all IDOL and Hotlive members.


Prohibition of obscene speech and acts of propagating false information, distorting history, denying revolutionary achievements, insulting great people and national heroes, and slandering the reputation and honor of the country. individuals, organizations, parties, and the state.
Prohibition of profanity, swearing, and threatening to give false information. Propaganda, incitement to violence, lewdness, crimes, social evils, and superstitions that offend the honor and dignity of others.
Underage people are forbidden to live stream.
It is forbidden to buy, sell, use, or possess illegal drugs and weapons through the game site.
Ban live content that is not related to Hotlive's game page. If it is found that it does not comply with the given rules. The first time will be reminded and given a chance, the second time will be disqualified and not allowed to live anymore.
Prohibit IDOL during live time: do not turn off the device until the live time is over, sleep during the live time, play with the phone, or do not interact with members.
Prohibit all acts of introducing, advertising other apps, or propagating prohibited journalistic, literary, or artistic publications.
Hotlive is an online entertainment game site, the system will not provide dating services as well as the absolute confidentiality of the personal information of IDOL and members. Members and IDOL please do not provide your phone number or information to the other party, If you provide your information to others, if there are unexpected problems, the Hotlive website will not be responsible...


– Hotlive will handle strictly if it detects that IDOLs or members violate the above rules, the system will automatically suspend the account for 1-7 days or freeze the account permanently depending on the level of regulation. without prior notice.

– Hotlive support page – completely free advice 24/7 on all questions of each member related to the game, if there is a case of fee, it may be a scam, Hope all members Be careful and report the above scams.

 - We hope that our customers understand and abide by the rules, to create a civilized and healthy Hotlive together.

 - Thank you for the support and trust of members of Hotlive.


Director of Talking Business

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