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How to download and install HOT51 for iPhone


Instructions to download HOT51, Install HOT51 for iPhone

1. Download and Install HOT51 App on iPhone Browser

Step 1: Access Iphone Safari Browser, Enter the name of the App you want to download

To download the HOT51 application, you access the Browser icon on the device, then click on the magnifying glass icon .

Here, we will enter the name of the Application we want to download hot51 for iphone and press the word Find . DOWNLOAD NOW HERE

Step 2: Choose the appropriate Operating System for each phone to download

When the results are correct for the application or game we want to download, we click Install to download the application for iPhone to install the HOT51 App. Remember to trust the application when downloading

Step 3: Confirm Install Hot51 app and open app

In this step, you click install and wait for the application to download successfully.

Trust the Application after downloading You go to: Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Profile Management --> Trust

That's okay Note: check the network connection before downloading

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